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Violence: directions for Australia

Appendix C

Submissions and Responses to Requests for Information

The following is a list of organisations and individuals who made written submissions. It includes those who responded to requests for information sought by the National Committee on Violence. Organisations and individuals who gave presentations at community forums and Committee meetings are listed in Appendix B.

Non-government organisations

Organisations, authorities, institutions

ACT Association for Mental Health
ACT Council on the Ageing
Adelaide Rape Crisis Centre
Al-Anon Family Groups (South Qld)
Alcohol and Drug Foundation (Qld)
Annie Kenney Young Women's Refuge, Hobart
Anti-Violence Project, NSW
Arndell Public School Parents and Citizens Association
Australian Children's TV Action Committee
Australian Council for Children's Films and Television
Australian Federation of University Women
Australian Montessori Society
Australian National Association for Mental Health
Australian Peace Education & Research Association
Australian Women's Self Defence Academy
Barnardo's Australia
Bethany Child & Family Support (Victoria)
Betsy Women's Refuge, Bankstown, NSW
Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Victoria
Campaign Against Sexual Exploitation, NT
Campaign for Prevention of Custodial Death (WA)
Canberra Parents and Citizens Association for Deaf Children
Central Council of Australia Sathya Sai Organisation Centre
Centre Against Sexual Assault, Victoria
Church and Trade Unions Committee (Vic.)
Citizens Advice Bureau of WA Inc
Citizens Against Crime (WA)
Combined Churches Ecumenical Council
Commonwealth Bank Officers Association and Australian Bank Employees Union (Qld)
Crime Prevention Education Consultancy Group
Dawn House Women's Refuge, Darwin
Defence Dynamics Pty Ltd
Domestic & Social Violence Service of Victoria
Domestic Violence Advocacy Service, NSW
Domestic Violence Crisis Service, ACT
Endeavour Forum
Federation of Community Legal Centres (Vic.)
Flemington and Kensington Community Legal Service, Vic.
Full Salvation Fellowship
Geelong Community Legal Centre
Greater Union
Gun Control Australia
Hobart Regional Meeting of Religious Society of Friends
Hobart Women's Shelter
Hobart Community Legal Centre
Humanist Society of Victoria
Hyperactivity Association of SA Inc
Hyperactive Help (WA)
Imanpa Community, Northern Territory
Intellectual Disability Rights Service (NSW)
Karinya Young Women's Shelter (Launceston)
Marriage Guidance Council of Victoria
Melton Community Health Centre (Vic)
Men Overcoming Violence (Tas)
Minors' Rights
Mothers and Others for Peace (ACT)
National Action Against War Toys
National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
National Women's Consultative Council
Northern Land Council
Obsessive-Compulsive Neurosis Support Group (SA)
Peninsula Women's Information Service
Perth Aboriginal Health Service
Perth Inner City Youth Service
Perth Transcendental Meditation Centre
Presbyterian Women's Association of Australia
Resurrection Association of Parents
Ruby-Gaea House, Darwin Centre Against Rape
Salvation Army
Schizophrenia Australia Foundation
Sexual Assault Support Service, Hobart
Shooting Sports Council of Victoria
Social Responsibilities Committee, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne
South Australian Council for Children's Television
South Australian Council of Social Services
Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia (Inc.)
St Stephen's Anglican Church, Mt Waverley
St Stephen's Anglican Church, Penrith
Stop the Rock Action Group
Tangentyere Council (Alice Springs)
Tasmanian Coalition for Gun Control
The Church of Scientology
The Mothers Union in Australia (Anglican Church)
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians
The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
The Uniting Church in Australia (Melbourne)
The Victorian Council for Children's Films and Television
Trinity Peace Research Institute
Unemployed People's Embassy
Victims of Crime Assistance League (VOCAL) (ACT)
Victims of Crime Association (Qld)
Victims of Crims Service (SA)
Victorian Council of Churches
Victorian Court Information & Welfare Network
Victorian Federation of Catholic Parents Clubs Inc.
Wesley Central Mission (Victoria)
Western Australian Feminist Youth Workers Network
Women's Christian Temperance Union (WA Inc)
Women's Community House (Alice Springs)
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Qld)
Women's Refuge Referral Service, Victoria
Writers Group and Members of Eastwood Leisure Learning Centre
Youth & The Law Project (NSW)
Youth Accommodation Group (ACT)
Youth Legal Service (WA)


Ms Judy Atkinson
Ms Joy Bailey
Mr Philip A. Baker
Superintendent T.A. Baker
N. & J. Barnett
Mrs L. Bates
Mr Eric Benjamin
Ms Gwen Blake
Ms Lynda Blundell
Sergeant First Class Jill Bolen
Mr Richard Bolt
Dr William Bor
Dr Allan Borowski
Mr Vaughan Bowie
Mr D. Boyd
P. Brauer
W Braycer
Mr John A. Bracey
Mrs J. Brooke
Mr John Brown
Mrs Marie Brunning
Ms Roberta Burke
Dr Jim Cairns
Ms Jan Carroll
Mrs Sally Castell-McGregor and Mrs Anne Scheppers
Ms Joan Chalmers
Mr V.P. Champion de Crespigny
Ms Marianne Christmann and Ms Cristina Ricci
Mr Brian Collingburn
Mrs Marie Colman
Revd. Ivan Conder
Mr Bernard Conlon
Professor R.W Connell
Mrs J. Coombs
Superintendent Phil Cornish
Mr Murray Cree
Ms Lorraine Crighton
Ms G. Dhorn
Dr David Donaldson
R. Dorman
Mr R.P. Dowle
Mrs Barbara Dutton
Mr George Eaton and Ms Charlotte Sayer
Mr Richard Eckersley
R. Edwards
Mr and Mrs J. Elliott
Ms Pamela Fitz Gerald
Mrs S. Flaherty
Dr Margo French
Mrs Gem Gallen
Mr Peter Garrett
Mr Geoff Goodfellow
Mr Mike Goodwin
Mrs M. Gordon
Mrs M.H. Grace
Misses Margherita and Betty Griffin
Ms Margo Guest
Mrs M. Hammond
Ms Kate Hannaford
Mr Tim and Mrs Maggie Hargreaves
Senator Brian Harradine
Mrs N. Hawkins
J. Hawkins
Ms Maria Heaney
Ms Alice Hennessy
WG. Hesketh
Mr Ted Hill
Ms Sandra Hill
E.J. Hodge and others
Hoppers Crossing School, Year 10 Students
Ms Judith Hutchings
Mr D. Indermaur
Mrs Gwen James
Mr G.J. James
Senator Jean Jenkins
Mr G. Kay
Mr Gordon King
Mr John G. Lunn
Ms Desiree Magress
Mr Daribor Mareovic
Mr Reg Marron
Mr A. Martin
Mr A.E. Martin
Mr and Mrs Doug and Jan McIver
Mr Karl McLaughlin
Ms Erinna McNeil
A.W Mehlert Dip. Th.
Mr R.A. Mulholland QC
Mr Edward Musgrave
The Hon. justice Alastair Nicholson
Mr Tony Paynter
Ms Katia Pearl
Mrs Audrey Pennefather
The Hon. Mark Petrusma, MLC
Mrs Beth Phillips
Ms Cathy Picone
Mr Phil Pinder
Ms Diana Pittock
Mr E. Placer
Mr Phillip Pocock
Mr and Mrs Allan and Donella Polley
Mr John Presser
A. Prince, M. Taylor, R. Walton, S. Young
Dr Alex Proudfoot
Mr Pierre Rakus
Mr Sidney Raper
Mr Richard M. Read, Prosecutor
Mrs Lynn Reid
Mr A. Riddell
Ms Lois Roberts
Ms B. Robertson
Mr M. Rodrequez
Mr Keith Ross
Ms Charlotte Sayer and Mr George Eaton
Rev. Les Scarborough
Mrs Kathleen Schneiders
Mr D. Ian Smith
Mr William Solly
Dr Ron Spielman
Ms Patricia Stabler
Mrs N. Steele
Ms Elizabeth Steinhoff
Ms Hilary Stread
Ms D. Strickland
Dr Lucy Sullivan
Ms Pam Sutton
Professor Colin Tatz
Mrs Margaret Taylor
M.K. Taylor
Mr John Tomlinson
Mr Geoff Touta
Ms P. Upward
Senator Jo Vallentine
Mrs G. van der Moolen
Mr Justice Frank Vincent
Mr Paul von Stroheim
Mr Robert Wallace
Mrs Elsie Walsh
Mr J. Walter
R.J. Walton
Professor Brent Waters
Mrs Joan Waters
Mr John Watt
Mr Peter Webb
Ms Helen Wenham
Mr J.F. White
Mr Norman Wiggett
Ms D. Williams
Mr A. Wilmington
Ms Lois Wright
The Hon. Michael Yabsley MLA
S.J. Young
Ms Valerie Yule

Government Agencies by State

Australian Capital Territory
ACT Community and Health Service
ACT Schools Authority

New South Wales
Department of Family & Community Services
Domestic Violence Co-ordinating Committee

Department of Health
Ambulance Service
Blacktown Women's and Girls' Health Centre
Sexual Assault Education Unit

Police Department
Premier's Department

Northern Territory
Department of Education
Department of Health & Community Service
Correctional Services
Drug & Alcohol Bureau
Family Youth & Children's Services Policy Branch
Forensic Pathologist
Mental Health Services
Director of Nursing (Rural)
Director of Nursing (Alice Springs Hospital)
Royal Darwin Hospital, Accident & Emergency

Department of Law
Northern Territory Police
Department of Transport and Works

Department of Education
Department of Family Services
Queensland Centre for the Prevention of Child Abuse

Queensland Police
Department of Sport and Recreation
Department of Family Services
Westbrook Youth Centre
John Oxley Youth Centre

South Australia
Department of Correctional Services
Health Commission of South Australia
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Adelaide Children's Hospital
Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Domestic Violence Service

South Australia Police
Department of Recreation & Sport

Department for Community Welfare
Department of Sport & Recreation
Tasmania Police

Western Australia
Western Australia Police
Department of Health
Armadale Kemscott Health Service
Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Ministry of Education
Peace Education Resource Centre

Attorney General's Department
Family Violence Prevention Committee

Children's Court Clinic

Department of Sport & Recreation
Victoria Police
Family Violence Project Office
Research & Development Department

The Good Neighbourhood Program

Office of Film & Literature Classification
Australian National Railways Commission

New Zealand
New Zealand Family Violence Prevention Co-ordinating Committee, Department of Social Welfare

Local councils

Town of Albany (WA)
Council of the City of Albury (NSW)
Alice Springs Town Council (NT)
Shire of Arapiles (VIC)
City of Ararat (VIC)
City of Ballarat (VIC)
Shire of Bannockburn (VIC)
District Council of Barmera (SA)
City of Bayswater (WA)
Botany Municipal Council (NSW)
Beaudesert Shire Council (QLD)
City of Berwick (VIC)
Booringa Shire Council (QLD)
District Council of Blyth - Snowtown (SA)
Council of the Shire of Bowen (QLD)
Shire of Bulla (VIC)
Canterbury Municipal Council (NSW)
District Council of Cleve (SA)
Council of the Municapility of Concord (NSW)
Council of the Shire of Coonamble (NSW)
Bundaberg City Council (QLD)
Burdekin Shire Council (QLD)
Council of the Shire of Burke (QLD)
Carbonne Shire Council (NSW)
Caboolture Shire Council (QLD)
Council of the Municipality of Concord (NSW)
Cootamundra Shire Council (NSW)
Crow's Nest Shire Council (QLD)
City of Croydon (VIC)
Council of the Shire of Central Darling (NSW)
Darwin City Council (NT)
Shire of Deakin (VIC)
Municipality of Deniliquin (NSW)
City of Devonport (TAS)
Dubbo City Council (NSW)
Dungog Shire Council (NSW)
Town of East Fremantle (WA)
Council of the Shire of Esk (QLD)
Shire of Flinders (VIC)
City of Fremantle (WA)
Shire of Goomalling (WA)
Great Lakes Shire Council (NSW)
Greater Taree City Council (NSW)
Council of the Shire of Gunning (NSW)
Guyra Shire Council (NSW)
Hay Shire Council (NSW)
Heathcote Welfare Co-ordinating Committee (NSW)
City of Henley and Grange (SA)
City of Horsham (VIC)
Ipswich City Council (QLD)
Shire of Kaniva (VIC)
Kiama Municipal Council (NSW)
Kempsey Shire Council (NSW)
Kingaroy Shire Council (QLD)
Municipality of Kingborough (TAS)
Shire of Kowree (VIC)
Shire of Kyneton (VIC)
Lachlan Shire Council (NSW)
District Council of Lameroo (SA)
Shire of Laverton (WA)
Shire of Lexton (VIC)
Council of the City of Lismore (NSW)
Livingstone Shire Council (QLD)
Maclean Shire Council (NSW)
City of Marion (SA)
Municipality of Marrickville (NSW)
City of Maryborough (VIC)
City of Melbourne (VIC)
The Council of the Shire of Merriwa (NSW)
Shire of Minhamite (VIC)
Shire of Mortlake (VIC)
Council of the Municipality of Mosman (NSW)
Shire of Mount Morgan (QLD)
Mulgrave Shire Council (QLD)
Shire of Murray (NSW)
Narrandera Shire Council (NSW)
Town of Narrogin (WA)
North Sydney Municipality (NSW)
Nymboida Shire Council (NSW)
Council of the Shire of Paroo (QLD)
Penrith City Council (NSW)
Pioneer Shire Council (QLD)
Port Stephens Shire Council (NSW)
City of Portland (VIC)
City of Prospect (SA)
Randwick Municipal Council (NSW)
Shire of Rochester (VIC)
City of Sale (VIC)
City of Salisbury (SA)
Shoalhaven City Council (NSW)
Singleton Shire Council (NSW)
City of South Barwon (VIC)
Town of Stawell (VIC)
City of St Kilda (VIC)
Shire of Swan (WA)
Shire of Swan Hill (VIC)
Shire of Warrnambool (VIC)
Widgee Shire Council (QLD)
Wingecarribee Shire Council (NSW)
Shire of Wyndham - East Kimberley (WA)
Wyong Shire Council (NSW)

Originally published:
Violence: directions for Australia / National Committee on Violence.
ISBN 0 642 14975 5
Canberra: Australian Institue of Criminology, 1990; pp 267-277

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