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Violence: directions for Australia

Appendix B

Speakers at community forums

Australian Capital Territory
Mr John Bissett (ACT Community and Health Service)
Chief Magistrate Cahill (Magistrate's Court of the ACT)
Ms Sue Doobov (ACT Council on the Ageing)
Mr Chris Eaton (Australian Federal Police Association)
Mr Richard Eckersley (CSIRO)
Ms Valerie Forsyth (Victims of Crime Assistance League)
Senator Robert Hill (then Liberal Party spokesman on ACT)
Senator Jean Jenkins (Australian Democrats)
Ms Jan Langford Smith
Ms Evy Lovstad (Toora Single Women's Shelter)
Ms Heather McGregor (Domestic Violence Crisis Service ACT)
Mrs Anne Murray (ACT Schools Authority)
Ms Katia Pearl (Homeless Youth)
Ms Robyn Rooney (Mothers and Others for Peace)
Mr Leo Ryan (Community and Health Services)
Mr Brian Slarke (Victims of Crime Assistance League)
Ms Jacklynn Tait (Doris Women's Refuge)
Mr John Tomlinson (ACT Council of Social Service)
Superintendent Euan Walker (Australian Federal Police)
Mr Malcolm Whyte (Lifeline Canberra)

South Australia
Mr Reg Brand (Domestic Violence Service)
Mrs Sally Castell-McGregor
Superintendent Phil Cornish (SA Police)
Mr Glenn Cupit (SA Council for Children's Film & Television)
Mr Geoff Goodfellow
The Hon. Trevor Griffin (Opposition Spokesman on Legal Affairs)
Ms Kate Hannaford
Mr Peter Jensen
Ms Erinna McNeil (The Second Story Youth Health Centre)
Mr Gerard Menses (SA Council of Social Services)
Dr Ngaire Naffine (University of Adelaide)
Ms Carmel O'Loughlin (Domestic Violence Prevention Policy Unit)
Mr Jim Standley (Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement)
The Hon. Christopher Sumner (Attorney-General SA)
Ms Val Tassell (Adelaide Rape Crisis Centre)
Mr Rodney van Wegen (Australian Peoples Representative Council)
Judge A.B.C. Wilson (District Court of SA)

Western Australia
Commissioner Brian Bull (WA Police)
Ms Diana Cornish (Citizens Advice Bureau)
Mr George Davies, (Director, Perth Inner City Youth Coordinating Committee)
Ms Vera Farr (Sexual Assault Referral Centre)
Mr Stuart Flynn (Department of Health)
Ms Val French (Special Magistrate, Perth Children's Court)
Mr Bill Hassell (Shadow Attorney-General and Opposition Spokesman on Health and Protection of Rights)
Mr Robert Jackson (Perth Transcendental Meditation Centre)
Mr J. Jegathesan (Satha Sai Central Council of Malaysia)
Judge Toni Kennedy (District Court of WA)
Dr John Reid (Education Department)
Ms Ivy Rogerson (Incest Survivors' Association)
Ms Jennifer Searcy (Campaign for the Prevention of Custodial Deaths)
The Hon. Ian Taylor (Minister for Police)
Mr Bob Taylor (Citizens Against Crime)
Ms Donna Taylor (Youth Accommodation Group)
Mr B. van Luyn (National Viewers and Listeners Association)
Dr Judyth Watson, MLA (Chair, Domestic Violence Service)
Sister Joan Winch (Perth Aboriginal Medical Service)

New South Wales
Commissioner John Avery (NSW Police Department)
Ms Judith Bennett (Law Reform Commission)
Mr Vaughan Bowie (MacArthur Institute)
Mr David Buchanan (Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby)
The Hon. Virginia Chadwick (Minister for Family & Community Services)
Mr Peter Garrett
Ms Joy Goodsell (Australian Council of Social Service)
Ms Sue Graham (Blacktown Women's Health Centre)
Ms Cathy-Ann Grew (Domestic Violence Advocacy Service)
Ms Lynn Kellert (MacArthur Institute)
Ms Ludo McFerran (NSW Domestic Violence Committee)
Sergeant Christine Nixon (NSW Police Department)
Ms Judith Ryan (NSW Legal Aid Commission)
Ms Jo Spangaro and Ms Clare Vernon (Sexual Assault Education Unit, Department of Health)
Mr Alan Staines (Salvation Army Crisis Line)
Ms Julie Stewart (NSW Domestic Violence Committee)
Ms Jill Sutton (NSW Domestic Violence Committee)
Ms Alison Wallace (NSW Legal Aid Commission)
Senior Constable Margaret White (NSW Police Department)

Representative of Al-Anon Family Groups (name not published at speaker's request)
Mr David Andrews (Joint Churches Ecumenical Council)
Ms Judy Atkinson (Office of Aboriginal Women)
Sergeant Jill Bolen (Qld Police Department)
Mr Jef Clark (Alcohol and Drug Foundation)
Dr David Donaldson
Mr Huan Fraser, MLA (Member for Springwood)
Mr Greg Lauman (Commonwealth Bank Officers' Association)
Mrs Brenda Lewis (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom)
Mr Peter Little (Queensland Victims of Crime Service)
Mr R.A. Mulholland, QC
Mr Peter O'Brien (Qld Association of Teachers in Independent Schools)
Professor Beverley Raphael (Department of Psychiatry, University of Qld)
Ms Gwen Roberts
Ms Pamela Spaull (Qld Centre for the Prevention of Child Abuse)
Mr Wally Stratford (Joint Churches Ecumenical Council)

Northern Territory: Darwin
Deputy Mayor John Antella (Darwin City Council)
Superintendent Tom Baker (NT Police)
Ms Roseanne Bonson (Assistant Director, Northern Land Council)
Mr Peter Conran (Department of Law)
Department of Health and Community Services
Ms Pamela Bazin (Acting Director, Professional Services)
Dr Peter D'Abbs (NT Drug and Alcohol Bureau)
Ms Julie Ellis (Family Youth and Children's Services, Policy Branch)
Dr Warwick Konopacki (Mental Health Services)
Dr Kevin Lee (Director of Pathology)
Mr Doug Owston (Correctional Services)
Dr lain Ping (Accident & Emergency)
Mr David Parish (Education Department)
Ms Joanna Pendlebury (Dawn House Women's Refuge)
The Hon. Marshall Perron (Chief Minister of the Northern Territory)
Mr Graham Phegan (Office of Local Govt)
Mr Stuart Philpott (Office of Local Govt)
Mr Terry Smith (Leader of the Opposition, NT)
Ms Sue Smolke (NT Women's Consultative Council)
Mr Geoff Spring (Department of Education)
Dr Keith Suter (Trinity Peace Research Institute)
Ms Jean Young-Smith

Northern Territory: Alice Springs
Mr Doug Abbott (Tangentyere Council)
Ms Betty Carter (Central Land Council Congress)
Ms Marilyn Davies (Institute for Aboriginal Development)
Ms Pamela Ditton
Ms Barbara Flick (Institute for Aboriginal Development)
Ms Maggie Kavanagh (Pitjantjatjara Council)
Ms Merle Thomas (Central Lands Council Congress)
Ms Maria Thomson (Nganampa Health Service)
Ms Elna Williams (Department of Aboriginal Affairs)

Chief Inspector Maurie Burke (NT Police)
Alderman Michelle Castegna (Alice Springs Council)
Mr Ivan Christian (Finke River Mission)
Ms Pip Duncan (Alukra)
Department of Health and Community Services
Ms Kate Egan (Regional Director, Community Services)
Mrs Jenny Mills (Director of Nursing, Rural)
Ms Lillian Stevens (Director of Nursing, Alice Springs Hospital)
Ms Di Shanahan (representing Mr Warren Snowdon, MHR)
Ms Esme Tyson (Women's Community House)

Dr Christine Alder (Melbourne University)
Revd Anne Amos (Uniting Church)
Mr Paul Bartholemew (Community Services, Victoria)
Ms Gwen Blake
Mr Ben Bodna (Public Advocate of Victoria)
Dr Di Bretherton (National Action Against War Toys)
Ms Julia Cabassi (Federation of Community Legal Centres, Victoria)
Revd Wes Campbell (Uniting Church)
Ms Robyn Clark (Community Services, Victoria)
Ms Kirra-Jai Clunne-Long (Melbourne University)
Ms Ariel Couchman (Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre)
Mr Murray Cree
Mr Geoff Dalziel (Aust. National Association for Mental Health)
Ms Gwenda Davey
Mr Vaughan Duggan (Community Services, Victoria)
Ms Joy Flannigan (Attorney-Generals Department)
Mrs Babette Francis (Endeavour Foundation)
Ms Kate Gilmore (Centre Against Sexual Assault)
Mr Tom Griffiths (Melton Community Health Service)
Ms Margo Guest (Chisholm Institute of Technology)
Revd Alan Hardie (Uniting Church)
Ms Martha Headey (Crime Prevention Education Consultancy Group)
Mr Dayle Hurst (Melton Community Health Service)
Ms Vicki Jenvey
Ms Marisa Kemp (Melbourne University)
Kim (Women's Refuge Referral Service)
Mrs Bev Long (Anglican Diocese of Melbourne)
Ms Jude McCulloch (Federation of Community Legal Centres, Victoria)
The Hon Andrew McCutcheon (Attorney-General)
Mr Alan Murnane (Domestic and Social Violence Service)
Archdeacon Alan Nicholls (Anglican Diocese of Melbourne)
Ms Marg Orpin (Victoria Police Family Violence Project)
Mr Martin Peake (Ministry of Education)
Ms Diana Pittock
Ms Sandra Plant (Zelda's Place Young Women's Refuge)
Ms Elida Radig (Peninsula Women's Information Service)
Mr Michael Rodrequez
Ms Pat Smith (Georgina Women's Refuge)
Dr Don Thompson (Australian Psychologists Society)
Mr David White (Big Brothers, Big Sisters)

Det. Inspector Tony Anstey (Tasmania Police)
Mr Les Batchelor (City Mission)
Ms Priscilla Berkery (Domestic Violence Action Group)
Mr Roland Brown (Tas. Coalition for Gun Control)
Mr Paul Chatterton (Men Overcoming Violence)
Ms Janine Combes (Sexual Assault Support Service)
Mr Les Drelich (Child Protection Assessment Board)
Mr Carl Gledhill (The Religious Society of Friends)
Senator Brian Harradine
Mr Peter Maloney (Department of justice)
Mr Reg Marron (Hobart Community Legal Service)
Ms Carol McLean (The Religious Society of Friends)
Mr Dougald McLean (The Religious Society of Friends)
Ms Angie Pate (Hobart Women's Shelter)
The Hon Hank Petrusma (Legislative Council)
Mr John Presser (Forensic Pathology and Biology Unit)
Ms Denise Rathbone (Domestic Crisis Intervention Unit)
Mr Philip Richardson (Counselling Team, Don College)
Ms Jacky Russell-Green (Stepping Stones/Streetwork)
Ms Healther Sculthorpe (Department of Justice)
Ms Bronilyn Smith (Defence Dynamics)
Senator The Hon Michael Tate (Federal Minister for justice)
Ms Lynn Townsend (State Govt Task Force on Child Assault)
Mr Michael Voumard (Child and Family Services)
Ms Aileen Walters (National Council of Women)
Mr Les Whittle (Anglicare)

Speakers at committee meetings

First Meeting, Canberra, 19 to 20 November 1988
No speakers
Second Meeting, Canberra, 11 to 12 February 1989
Ms Irene Moss, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Ms Janet Ramsay, Office of the Status of Women
Mr Michael Ramsden, Australian Broadcasting Tribunal
Dr Don Stewart, Mrs Margaret Ray and Mr G. Connard, Victorian Parliament Social Development Committee
Third Meeting, Adelaide, 1 to 2 April 1989
Chief Superintendent John Beck, Deputy Director, National Police Research Unit
The Hon. Chris Sumner, Attorney-General, SA
Dr Wray Vamplew, Flinders University
Dr Graham Vimpani, National Injury Surveillance and Prevention Project
Fourth Meeting, Sydney, 27 to 28 MAY 1989
Mr Simon Foster, Passenger Security, CityRail
Mr Irene Moss and Mr Stephen Nugent, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
Mr Michael Ramsden, Australian Broadcasting Tribunal
Fifth Meeting, Melbourne, 22 to 23 July 1989
Mr and Mrs Phil and Judy Brown, Shooting Sports Council of Victoria
Dr Don Edgar, Australian Institute of Family Studies
Dr David Neal and Ms Bronwyn Naylor, Victorian Law Reform Commission
Mrs Margaret Ray, Victorian Parliament Social Development Committee
Ms Carolyn Worth, Mr Steve Hastings and Mr John Crook, Gun Control Australia
Sixth Meeting, Canberra, 14 to 15 October 1989
The Hon. Rosemary Follett, Chief Minister of the ACT
Mr Ross Jones, ACT Govt Law Office
Ms Pat Turner, Department of Aboriginal Affairs
Mr Richard Webb, Chief Minister's Office

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