Gun control is not a single issue.  There are numerous gun control issues.  As a whole, they are among the most critical issues of the day.  The stakes are no less than public safety and all the rights of U.S. citizens.  Gun control advocates seem oblivious that what they are trying to do will endanger us all.

The issues are highly emotional and the antagonists are deeply committed to their views, resulting in irrational, hateful dialog and the country being deeply divided.  This situation is causing the country to waste huge resources that we should be committing to solving our problems, like crime and violence.

This site is intended to provide information to people who care enough about the most important issues of the day that they want to learn the truth and are therefore willing to invest the effort to at least read some, if not actually do some serious reading.  So, the site is simple.  There is no flashy advertising or attempts to catch your attention or entertain you with audio, moving neon graphics and the like.  Graphics will be incorporated only as needed to provide necessary information.

Please use the info you find here.  Copy it and give it to people or use it to formulate your own arguments.  Refer people to this site if they have web access and want to learn or need the info to teach others.  Copy it freely as long as you give credit to the sources of any copyrighted info or info we quote.  Crediting us is not necessary.

We suggest that you read the materials about gun types and caliber before any of the other if you don't already know about guns, so that you'll be able to understand fully the other material.  Finally, we have added a subject index for you to use if you're looking for info on a specific topic as opposed to looking at the info organized in broad topic areas as identified on the opening page.

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